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2022 HOF Baseball History Series story on Don Sparks

Don Sparks story on the National Baseball Hall of Fame website

2021 WGN Backstory interview w Don Sparks

WGN 9 Backstory w Larry Potash segment on Photographer Don Sparks

Publications including Don Sparks' photos

Books / publications including Don Sparks' photos

Roberto Clemente Foundation website

Don's photos are featured on the Roberto Clemente Foundation website

Baseball HOF 'Picturing America's Pastime' exhibit

One of Don's photographs is included in the National Baseball Hall of Fame exhibit 'Picturing America's Pastime', as well several in the book by the same name.

Artwork based on Don Sparks' photos

Artwork based on Don's photos include works by Chicago artist Al Sorenson.

Exhibits of Don Sparks' photography

Don's work has appeared at a number of art fairs and the National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC).

Don Sparks Photography

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